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An All-New Manner of Ape Club Arrives in the NFT Space


Three unlikely new artists have arrived on the NFT scene, each sporting unique chiseled features and winning playful personalities, wickedly able to steal the hearts of even the coldest souls. Residents of Save the Chimps, these artists are no ordinary bipeds.

Cheetah, Clay, and Tootie all came to the sanctuary on the back of terrible experiences. Cheetah and Clay both spent their formative years in laboratories, being the subjects of testing for the human world. Tootie, was rescued from a private owner, where he lived in dire conditions and was subject to a dreadful life as a television performer. Following those miserable early days, they have all been rescued by Save the Chimps sanctuary.

Since they have arrived in the sanctuary, they have all shown one trait in common, a love for painting and a love of art. Now, their talents are being put to good use in order to raise funds to help the sanctuary where they reside. To this end, artworks by the creative trio are now on sale to raise money for their simian brethren.

The NFT sale commenced on July 14 in commemoration of World Chimpanzee Day, and will continue until July 21. All proceeds will be used to help further chimps in distress, and for the continued running of the sanctuary.

Located in St Lucia, Florida, Save the Chimps is resident to 224 chimpanzees, three of which are bona fide artists.

Save the Chimps sale on Truesy >> Here

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