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Artist Damien Hirst Has Created His Own NFT Currency


Damien Hirst, an English artist, entrepreneur, and art collector, has released his own NFT artworks. The collection titled Currency explores the notions of monetary worth and value. He has created 10,000 almost identical multicolored dot paintings on paper, and each one has been signed, dated and titled.

Each piece of paper is also treated and watermarked so it can be differentiated from the rest, including an embedded hologram and other devices that make each sheet very difficult to copy. The artworks have an NFT counterpart which cost $2,000 each and can be purchased with Ether, Bitcoin, Dai, Coin, USD, and credit and debit cards.

However, Hirst is no stranger to the plot twists that usually come with NFT projects. After two months, owners are faced with a choice – whether to keep the NFT or the physical artwork. And no, you can’t keep both! Either the NFT or the physical artwork will get destroyed, depending on which version you choose to keep.

Hirst believes the majority of people will opt for the artwork, but is excited by the prospect of being wrong, and that perhaps people will opt for the NFTs. In a video interview with former Bank of England governor Mark Carney, Hirst states: “Yes, I’m forcing people to make a choice. But the purchaser always has a choice. It’s not just ‘Where’s the value?’ It’s also ‘Where’s the joy?’”

Surprisingly, Hirst was working on this project long before the NFT craze. He was interested in exploring the different avenues of value and how people perceive them. Ultimately, he believes that the both the physical artworks and the NFTs can act as a form of currency.

See the full collection >> Here

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Image credit via: Artnet

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