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Jose Delbo is Back with “Death…Reanimated” NFT Series


Jose Delbo in collaboration with Apollo NFT Studios will be releasing one of his most significant collections to date. The series titled “Death…Reanimated” are a sequel to his immensely successful and iconic “Death…No Escape” comic book.

“Death…No Escape” was released on MakersPlace one year ago as an edition of 250. The NFT comics were loved by the NFT community and were sold out. Now, exactly a year later, on July 23, 2021, Delbo will release an eight-piece NFT series on MakersPlace that will bring the comic book to life in a whole new way.

The drop will feature six limited edition pieces that will come with a hand signed limited edition print with augmented reality, a seventh piece, that will be an edition of 250 NFT in a unique comic short film format, and an edition of one piece featuring the inked art used to create the original “Death… No Escape” cover. The drop will also feature various rewards for past Jose Delbo collectors.

Death has become a staple theme in the comic NFT community due to Delbo’s influence. He partnered with some of the top artists in the space like Pr1mal Cypher, Mark McKenna, Vúho Studios, and Anna Zhilyaeva to depict the Death character in all new ways. With Delbo’s original concept and a team of top 3D modelers and animators, Delbo and Apollo NFT Studios have aimed to reimagine the Death comic for the digital age.

Delbo’s success encouraged many traditional comic book artists and major studios to join the space, and he has become one of the hottest comic artists in the space at the age of 87!

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全臺首所藝術大學 臺藝大進軍元宇宙 發行官方NFT – Yahoo奇摩新聞

這裡是RSS音頻式網站智能播客的頻道 這一集的新聞標題為: 全臺首所藝術大學 臺藝大進軍元宇宙 發行官方NFT - Yahoo奇摩新聞 新聞內容如下: 國立臺灣藝術大學與NFT虛實整合策展專家EchoX,於4月26日下午在臺藝大國際會議廳舉辦「NFT宣誓記者會暨研討會」,同日發行「臺藝大官方的第一個NFT」,成為全臺第一所進入元宇宙的藝術大學。本次活動特邀請新北市長侯友宜、新北市政府青年局代理主任秘書江奇叡、國立臺灣藝術教育館館長李泊言、以及EchoX共同創辦人溫家瑋及執行董事李佳憲等,共同見證和參與臺藝大NFT鑄造上鏈儀式。 臺藝大校長陳志誠表示,我們更將版圖拓展進鑄造與開放海洋的元宇宙藝術世界,讓學子能在其中不斷淬煉與數位高賦能的科技連結藝術創作。在藝術產銷的機制中,扮演大眾傳媒時代的藝術美學的力行者、先行者。 新北市長侯友宜表示,很高興臺藝大此次進軍元宇宙,除透過藝術與科技的結合,增加作品展示機會及提升其價值,也引領學界為新興產業,培育未來人才。 而此次協助臺藝大NFT計畫的EchoX執行長的李嘉憲強調,已完整將NFT策展、鑄造與上鏈經驗傳承給臺藝大,也期望能讓NFT技術落實在傳統藝術發展上,對於傳統藝術品的交易流通及數位化帶來助益。 這次發表的512顆公益NFT優秀作品由校內徵選而出,以Fish-portrait為主題,每一幅都是魚的自畫像。期以可愛詼諧的方式,提倡環境保育意識、重視永續發展。除上架發行512顆NFT已於akaSwap平台進行販售,臺藝大元宇宙展間,歡迎民眾進入線上藝廊觀賞。 新聞內容播放到此,感謝您的收聽 對我們提供的服務有興趣請查詢: RSS音頻式網站
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